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FutureOn Launches New Online Learning Portal

By FutureOn Today

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new FutureOn E-Learning portal.

Our new FutureOn Training Portal provides our users with the opportunity to continue their education while boosting their career options across the industry. 

FieldTwin Design Fundamentals, our inaugural course,  provides users with a comprehensive learning and development path to become an expert in the use of FieldTwin Design.

On successful completion of the course, users are offered the option to become certified in the software. 

Our training modules have been carefully designed to guide users in growing their knowledge and practical use of FutureOn products and solutions. 

So, to take your expertise to the next level, simply send an email to, you’ll receive your registration details in return.

If you have any questions or want to find out more please contact your customer success representative.

FieldTwin Design
offshore oil and gas equipment

Oil and Gas Leaders Should be More Proactive in Driving Renewables

By FutureOn Today

Given the current political and economic climate of the Oil and Gas Industry, operators and manufacturers are facing increasing scrutiny over every step they take, and are under great pressure to reach revenue faster than ever before. 

As the transition towards low-carbon energy continues to gather pace, operators are facing the dual challenge of trying to maximize the potential of their current assets and exploring new ways to create cheaper and cleaner energy. 

The ambitious goal to decarbonise the global economy within three decades is compelling most forward thinking companies to adopt more efficient and innovative digital strategies that offer a greater degree of assurity of success and efficiency in an uncertain marketplace. 

Unpredictable fluctuations in the market, combined with the growing affordability and popularity of alternative green energy, mean margins in oil and gas are rapidly thinning.

There is little to no room for poor planning, errors, delays, or underutilized assets at any stage of field life cycle. 

A recent Dutch court ruling against Shell, which ordered the Anglo-Dutch supermajor to cut emissions by 45% by 2030, has heightened the urgency for the oil and gas industry to accept, embrace and develop clean energy alternatives. 

Shortly after the ruling, another unprecedented event took place when shareholders voted to elect two green energy activists to the ExxonMobil board, while 61% of Chevron’s shareholders voted to slash emissions.

These decisions are an indicator of just how important climate has become on the global agenda, and that now companies must take more responsibility for their own carbon emissions and those of their customers. 

Customers, shareholders, employees and the global community have made it clear they want the transition to speed up and greater accountability across the energy industry. 

Waiting for policy makers to set the pace of change is no longer an option; companies have to get proactive in driving innovation and the transition to clean energy.

Now, as the world tentatively re-emerges from the pandemic and the market shows signs of recovery – with Brent crude hitting $72.27 a barrel its highest since May 2019 – companies should not lose focus on the approaching transition. 

Looking to the future, companies should start considering what tools will enable them to reach their net zero targets faster in the most cost efficient way possible. 

Innovative and collaborative tools, such as FutureOn’s FieldTwin Design technology, enable operators and contractors to both make the most of the assets they have while planning for a greener future producing cheaper and cleaner energy. 

FutureOn’s offerings, FieldTwin and FieldTwin Design, are powerful cloud-based solutions that save time and cost by facilitating maximum industry collaboration through cross-platform digitalization of field planning, realisation and operations.

Digital twin technologies have in recent years revolutionized how data is used and shared, encouraging the effective communication necessary to achieve results, even in the most difficult of economic and operational environments.

Using FutureOn’s technology, producers are able to optimise asset performance and value, through greater efficiency, stream-lined workflows, and better collaboration at every stage of the planning and lifecycle process. 

To find out more about how FutureOn can help or for enquiries and partnership opportunities please contact us or book a demo. 


Welcome to a New Era of Field Design

By FutureOn Today

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new product, FieldTwin Design – a major step forward in the development of offshore field planning and design.

This real-time platform brings a whole host of new innovative features over our existing FieldAP product for digital field planning in oil and gas, offshore renewables and emerging energy sectors. 

FieldTwin Design is completely cloud-based, with a powerful new 3D engine that utilises more comprehensive metadata to visualise a real-time view of your offshore assets. With a completely flexible user interface you can configure the design workflow to how you like it, accelerating our already proven results to new levels of efficiency.

This new release includes

  • Powerful and game changing 3D Engine – the core of FieldTwin Design 6.0 offers a massive speed optimization for large and complex field and subsurface layouts
  • More efficient User Interface – a streamlined control system creates a more productive digital platform, and the ability to achieve meaningful results in a fraction of the time
  • Increased visual fidelity – details including field infrastructure, reservoirs, bathymetry and granular representation of wells, as well as associated metadata, are incorporated into live 3D map rendering
  • Flexible workspace – added functionality such as dockable windows, improved toolkits, and increased controls offers high-level, intuitive and personalised interaction within the 3D landscape
  • Bigger data – multiple integrations from third-party packages will provide operators with an enriched experience that encourages high-level, collaborative understanding across field planning, project management, economic modelling and compliancy

“From initial concept through to operations and decommissioning, our design and digital twin package will help to speed savings and minimise time to first oil while providing increased control and encouraging maximum collaboration from the earliest stage.” – Jostein Lien, Senior Vice President of Products at FutureOn.

Learn more about what FieldTwin Design can do for your field development operations, and book a demo today.


How Digitalization Can Supercharge Efficiency and Collaboration

By FutureOn Today

To secure a prosperous future in the green economy, the oil and gas industry needs to look at how it can improve efficiency, while lowering expenditure and reducing errors. These new challenges require the industry to consider new ways of working and collaborating.  

Executing an oil and gas project to budget and on schedule is no small feat. Success is built on a foundation of solid planning and team work. But, for too long project teams have been labouring at a disadvantage – a serious lack of readily accessible information. 

Sometimes there are only physical paper copies of materials, which can  complicate the planning cycle as new versions are created and people struggle to get their hands on the data they need, particularly if teams are distributed across the globe. 

The flow of information can quickly become convoluted as documents and designs go through numerous updates. Tracking amendments when there are multiple versions can make it hard to determine which is the right version, which can lead to vital information being lost along the way.  

Unify data and provide greater accessibility

Similarly, when data is spread across multiple platforms e.g. word documents, spreadsheets and various backend systems, tracking down what you need to know is so much harder and time consuming. Information restrictions put in place by companies mean that often people simply do not have access to the materials they need to do their job.

 Not only do these barriers slow down decision making and delay the planning cycle, they also impede collaboration, reinforce information silos, and undermine efforts to boost productivity and drive cost-efficiency. This internal misalignment between different disciplines can also lead to multiple project revisions, delays in decision-making and approval processes, and result in significant unforeseen expenses.  

Without effective cross collaboration and knowledge sharing, critical activities, such as the assessment of geohazards and pipelines, become more challenging and time consuming than necessary. 

Support cross discipline collaboration

In an industry where bringing projects online as quickly and safely as possible, and strong production performance is a business necessity, a single digital cloud-based platform offers an ideal solution.  

FutureOn’s FieldTwin Design tool is an online platform that facilitates cross discipline collaboration and provides users with the same uniformed real-time information, thereby reducing the risk of inconsistencies and errors that can occur when documentation is passed between teams and departments via more traditional routes.  

FieldTwin Design pulls in and aggregates data related to the project in one accessible platform, thus allowing engineers to quickly and accurately carry out their tasks, while improving the documentation of the project. This streamlined transfer of information between different disciplines and project phases eliminates the risk of information going astray and the potential of errors and delays in transmission.  

The time and cost savings generated by FieldTwin Design, ensures that projects reach completion faster and within budget parameters.  

To find out more about how FutureOn can help or for enquiries and partnership opportunities please contact us or book a demo.