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FutureOn Is Among Top 5 Digital Oil Field Solution

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The oil and gas industry in recent years has come under a significant influence by the rise in digital revolution globally.

The evolvement has helped not only the industries as a whole but has helped to improve the economy they are attached to. This use of advanced software has also propagated the increase in profitability for these industries as a whole. In recent years, solutions to the analysis of data have been done more accurately with the use of software tools.

When the digital oil field is involved, there would also be mounting of field data with the appropriate devices, to make sure that there is a balance in the system. Some of the favorite tool used for software analysis include Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) applications,  multiphase sensors, down-hole separation, and multilateral completions.

The effect of these tools stems from when they succeed in tackling the problems faced by the oil and gas sector, by producing useful results not only for present use but for the future too. In this way, the real benefits of the oil field solution providers will no longer be hidden from the public. The digital oil field is all about making use that commercial components are put at a priority at all times. There are many digital oil field solution providers across the globe. Nevertheless, these five listed below are the most popular because of the efficiency and speed they implement in their line of work.


This company not only shows subscribers how to build an effective digital strategy for a future energy company, but it also indicates individuals the strategy involved in digitization. According to FutureOn, more dominant energy companies now develop and operate off-the-grid oil and gas, which could have only been possible with the presence of digitalization. The aims of FutureOn involve gaining the trust of the people, being a source of motivation to people and making new wins on businesses all over the world. FutureOn today is a world-class environment where digitalization takes its ease.


This company aims at making available a platform called the Smart Process Application which is used to aid the improvement of active and human-based business that banks on collaborations.

Blue River Analytics

This company makes its presence known by helping oil and gas production companies enforce a creative and competitive environment which will not only be advantageous but make use of or develop tools like visual and predictive analytic tools.


This digital oil field solution provider makes available optimized digital solutions that will be effective on businesses that have been streamlined over the years. It also involves itself in the decision-making platform of such companies to help render it useful and appealing in the long run.


This digital oil field solution provider does its inspections through cloud drones, and in the process, help to analyze the data that has been collected from other companies or assets that do not make use of drones for their inspections. This will help it to compare and contrast all the details or data that has been collected.


Upcoming Webinar – The future of oil and gas is in the digital revolution: are you prepared?

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Join us for a webinar featuring FutureOn’s offshore digital twin solutions that run on Aegex intrinsically safe tablets and use data from Aegex IoT sensor modules to provide real-time visualization of offshore and maritime assets to help improve efficiency.


During this webinar you will:

  • Learn why real-time operational awareness is so critical in maritime/offshore operations
  • Hear from industry professionals at FutureOn and Aegex on how their solutions are being widely adopted across the industry
  • Discover ways your company can leverage the digital revolution
  • Increase your familiarity with industry key phrases that every digital oil and gas firm should know

Join us next week, May 22nd at 11am EDT to learn more