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Implement a platform that manages data, integrates into existing systems

We hear time and time again from our customers and technology partners the importance of building a comprehensive and collaborative digital strategy to adequately process offshore data. To build a solid digital strategy, companies must define business objectives and goals, prioritize initiatives and implement sophisticated data management systems to make better business sense of the data.

We have found that the most forward-thinking companies embrace FutureOn®’s FieldTwin™ and FieldAP™ as the data management platform to drive a company’s digital strategy forward.

Tap unused data

Without FieldTwin or FieldAP in place to evaluate the data from robotics or Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, the value of the data is lost. In fact, Forrester Research estimates 60 to 73 percent of enterprise data goes unused for business intelligence and analytics because engineers cannot possibly manage the data without a sophisticated digital management software to handle the influx.

Without a comprehensive platform, engineers and project managers are given the impossible task to scroll through large volumes of data to identify patterns and catch real-time problems. FieldTwin and FieldAP are designed to identify discrepancies on the spot, enabling teams to make better business decisions and improve workflows quickly.

The secret sauce is data visualization. Through the power of data visualization, engineers examine multiple possibilities in minutes rather than days, weeks or months required in years past. FieldTwin and FieldAP enable teams to see more about their assets from every vantage point and every point in time real-time 3D/2D digital simulations. Visualizations allow engineers to explore more ideas, more rapidly, in collaboration with colleagues all around the world.

Integration into existing systems

In our experience, it’s best for companies to implement a platform that can be easily integrated into current systems. FieldTwin plugs into existing expert systems, so engineers don’t have to close out of FieldTwin to open flow simulation software. Instead, engineers simply open the flow simulation software or other engineering software in an iframe within FieldTwin.

While a digital strategy might vary between oil and gas companies, the name of the game for most is to maximize production and minimize downtime.

Contact us today to discuss how FieldAP and FieldTwin can support your digital strategy.