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FieldTwin has always been a platform for innovation. Today, we are delighted to launch FieldTwin Collaborate – a digital project sharing module, which offers open communication and engagement, enabling quick adaptability and accountability for teams across the energy sector and supply chain.

More than a data visualisation tool, FieldTwin Collaborate brings multiple stakeholders together in one space, benefiting operators, EPCs and project teams by ensuring accessibility, integrity and real-time updates on integrated projects.

The latest addition to our platform enables teams to problem solve complex challenges as they appear. The data analysis capabilities, multiple perspectives and the shareability of assets enables enhanced forecasting and troubleshooting for projects. This means that both operators and engineering, procurement, and construction team members work on the same shared data model while ensuring secure granular access and control of users and data for all.

Collaborate is an optional application which can be added to our FieldTwin software – a cloud-based digital platform which creates and maintains a digital copy of a physical asset, enabling maximum asset performance and value. This technology acts as the foundation for the collaborative visual workflows between multiple stakeholders.

Jostein Lien, our Senior Vice President of Product said of the launch: “By establishing a two-way secure connection between stakeholders using the platform, we have enabled a real-time collaboration opportunity. This will be a revolutionary tool for our customers and their stakeholders as they manage projects around the world.

“We are seeing ambitious goals outlined for reductions in personnel on board, emissions related travel and more efficient technology as we progress toward net zero. Collaborate is the perfect project management tool to enable this, and we look forward to rolling it out to our existing and new customers.”

To find out more about how to navigate and make the most of FutureOn’s new module please visit Collaborate, our FieldTwin Collaborate documentation  or contact us.