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Enhanced FieldTwin capabilities for offshore wind farm presents a unique digital solution for INTOG project development

As the energy sector steps up the pace of its journey towards net zero, nowhere is the speed of that journey more apparent than the North Sea. Oil and gas operators have demonstrated their commitment to decarbonising operations, while planned offshore wind projects in the region have grown by 55GW in the past 12 months – currently the second biggest project pipeline in the world. That number will grow even further with the latest Innovation and Targeted Oil & Gas (INTOG) leasing process – an initiative to help meet emission reduction targets agreed by the UK government and industry in the North Sea Transition Deal. The energy industry is changing, and it’s changing quickly. Technology has been and continues to be a major driver of that change. The oil and gas industry has embraced the digital transformation, recognising that digitalised, remote and autonomous operations are critical in the elimination and reduction of carbon, and in the development of safe and sustainable solutions.

FutureOn has been a key enabler in that process, building the next generation of digital solutions for the energy transition on top of our industry-leading digital twin platform, FieldTwin. While we continue to support our existing oil and gas customers as they seek to manage emissions and decarbonise their portfolios, we are now growing a new cohort of users – clean energy developers and engineering consultants. In comparison to oil and gas, the renewable energy sector’s digital transformation has some catching-up to do. But that’s where FutureOn can add value. We’ve enabled oil and gas customers to integrate solutions, collaborate and mobilise data for informed decision-making with our digital twin technology: that knowledge, experience and knowhow will pay dividends for renewables and hybrid projects.

How does FieldTwin support offshore project development? 

FieldTwin by FutureOn offers a proven innovation in digital oil field design and project delivery. Leading oil and gas operators and EPCs have reported concept and design work accelerated by up to 70% using FieldTwin, reducing time to first energy by as much as six months. Now enhanced with capabilities to model early phase wind farm concepts, FieldTwin is uniquely positioned to support hybrid INTOG projects and partnerships.

How will INTOG support the transition?

In addition to the recent Scotwind round, Crown Estate Scotland has launched a further round of seabed rights to <100MW scale renewable energy projects to drive electrification and decarbonisation of the North Sea. The INTOG registration window opened on 10 August and will close on 24 August. Once registered, developers have until 18 November this year to complete their applications. INTOG projects will require strong collaboration between brownfield oil and gas asset operators, greenfield renewables developers and engineering partners. The complexity and uncertainty across these hybrid projects will require innovative digital solutions with support for systems-of-systems engineering and integrated optimisation.

What is FieldTwin’s unique value proposition for hybrid projects?

  • Consolidate hybrid project design and engineering around a dynamic project digital twin
  • Connect wind farm layouts to brownfield oil and gas fields in an intuitive, visual engineering platform
  • An open API to underpin a Common Data Environment (CDE) for vendor-neutral interoperability and multi-disciplinary workflows
  • Handle complex subsea engineering and design challenges in a geospatial, 3D project interface
  • Cloud architecture to enable collaboration between partners in a single digital twin of the project
  • Move away from linear and siloed workflows into integrated optimisation and holistic multi-scenario analyses
  • Reduce project uncertainty, driving better decisions and faster project delivery

The upcoming INTOG round marks a crucial milestone for the integrated offshore energy systems of the future. FieldTwin is a groundbreaking digital solution that can help deliver these projects safely, efficiently and in a cost effective way.

Please get in touch to find out more and explore how FieldTwin could unlock to your offshore development portfolio for oil and gas, fixed and floating wind and hybrid projects.


FieldTwin demonstration project for electrification of a brownfield North Sea oil field. This project scenario features ten 10MW wind turbines with floating semi-sub foundations, powering a Jack-up and subsea infrastructure via a single floating substation with subsea plant and cabling.