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What’s happening

FutureOn representatives have been invited to speak on a panel with other leading digital transformation specialists titled:

Digitalisation of operations: managing the risks, leveraging the benefits

  • How can we transition to a digital way of working without interruption to operations?
  • Protecting internal knowledge throughout the process of automation and roboticization of work
  • Can we avoid being exclusively tied to a single vendor when we go digital?
  • Managing the cybersecurity issues without negating the desired performance improvements.

We will also be showcasing our leading offshore digital solutions for Digital Field Development and Operations.

About Future Oil and Gas – Where business meets innovation

Senior executives from oil and gas operators, service companies, technology suppliers and industry experts will meet at the annual Future Oil & Gas conference to examine the disruptive innovation and emerging processes that will shape the future of the oil and gas industry.

Thanks to the latest technological advancements, we are now poised for a second digital age that could further reduce costs, unleash unparalleled productivity, and boost performance significantly—if executives can harness the right technologies to support their business strategy. Making better use of existing technology can deliver serious returns: according to McKinsey up to $1 billion in cost savings or production increases. Executives that make their organizations more digital will be well positioned to pursue new growth opportunities.

Who attends Future Oil & Gas

  • C-level managers: CEO, Group CEO, CTO, CDO, CFO and Heads of Strategy and Technology
  • Oil & Gas operators, NOCs
  • Service providers, contractors, and related suppliers
  • Technology innovators
  • Investors
  • Consultants and strategic change managers
  • Academics, R&D professionals, industry experts

What are experts saying about disruptive technology in oil and gas?

“We know we cannot build tomorrow’s industry with yesterday’s tools. But the good news is that we have a new toolbox. And it contains the tools of digitization, simplification, and standardization. Digitisation is a real game-changer.”
Bernard Looney, BP chief executive, upstream

“Rapid advances in automation technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, analytics, and the Internet of Things are beginning to transform the way oil and gas are produced and consumed.”
Jacques Bughin, director, McKinsey Global Institute

“The oil and gas industry is incredibly resilient and has some of the brightest, most innovative people I have ever met. This is clearly what leads to my overall optimism about the industry for 2017 and beyond.”
John England, US oil and gas leader, Deloitte LLP

“Although most oil and gas companies are closely focused on preserving margins to weather the low-price storm, many are also looking ahead and thinking about how digital technologies and data analytics will transform their industry.”
Riccardo Bertocco, partner with Bain & Company in Dallas

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