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ADIPEC 2019 - FutureOn® Launches the Subsea Digital Alliance.


FutureOn is pleased to announce the first annual SUBSEA DIGITAL ALLIANCE at ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi in Nov 2019. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Digital Alliance we be showcased at the Norwegian Pavilion in Hall 8 Stand# 8916.

Offshore drilling sees a resurgence with billions planned for investment in new greenfield developments. Digital strategists in the oil and gas sector see the opportunity to leverage new projects to introduce new, more transparent digital workflow processes into their operations.

The industry frontrunner in the offshore digital space, FutureOn, launches the Subsea Digital Alliance to bring together the best subsea solutions emerging from Norway to ADIPEC to showcase how smart collaborative digital technology is meant to work.

For oil and gas companies looking to realize digital’s long-term potential, you will discover how the Alliance brings together a multitude of digital innovators who are already revolutionizing this industry.

Core Alliance members support digital transformations across the entire Life of Field:

RagnaRock Geo – Exploration. AI software applications to enable data-driven and more efficient seismic interpretation.

Oliasoft – Drilling and Wells. Software that helps drilling engineers make cost efficient, safe and effective oil wells.

FutureOn – Field Development. FieldTwin is a data visualization and collaboration cloud platform that helps field developers make better and faster decisions.

Entail – Engineering. Automation and cloud computing to dramatically increase the efficiency of analysis engineering workflows using Orcaflex integrated with FieldTwin.

WINS – Operations. Delivering wireless systems for operators to retrofit live downhole data to enable a true digitalization of the field for optimized production and recovery.

Digital Energy – All phases – A comprehensive suite of AI and Machine learning algorithms that can be integrated with any data set to support predictive analytics and process improvements.

FutureOn will also present the Subsea Digital Alliance in partnership with Mcdermott and Digital Energy on the Microsoft Azure Booth # 14231 – Hall 14 Digitalization Zone

“Forward-thinking companies understand the tremendous opportunity of collaboration to gain a competitive advantage and deliver greater value from their significant investments offshore,” said Paal Roppen, chief executive officer of FutureOn. “The Subsea Digital Alliance brings best in class Norwegian technology solutions together to visualize subsurface and subsea data to drive collaboration, increase transparency, reduce costs, speed workflows and improve operations.”

“Our E&P customers eventually want to unman the platforms, and remotely monitor and maintain their offshore operations and assets,” Roppen continued. “FutureOn’s FieldTwin, combined with the developing Subsea Alliance Members allows all stakeholders to now see more than ever before — the same information, at the same time to make more impact on a project’s outcome and make more efficient decisions that save time, reduce errors and mitigate risk.”

About FutureOn®
Headquartered in Oslo, Norway with office in Houston, London, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, FutureOn® is an award winning digital technology innovator enabling customers to see more possibilities for their assets and begin to make more forward-thinking choices. For more information on FutureOn®, visit: and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.