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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with cloud-based well planning company Oliasoft to launch a new integrated solution that will revolutionize subsea well planning – Well Assist.

Well Assist combines our digital twin technologies, including our newly launched FieldTwin Design, with Oliasoft’s engineering well planning software, which is designed to connect every link in the well planning calculation chain. 

This new feature offers field planners and drilling engineers the ability to design, visualise, test and accurately cost field concepts from the topside to the target zone via a real-life, immersive subsea experience using a desktop. 

With its immediate insight into well design options, Well Assist supports better decision making, team collaboration, risk reduction, all while maximizing cost efficiencies.

Features, which can be enhanced by asset operator input and tailored to specific project requirements include:

  • High-level algorithms – Well Assist has integrated a series of recognised mathematical methodologies that deploy increased levels of intelligent automation to create the optimum well path. The feature is based on documented standards that support and build on directional drilling primitives. 
  • Well-head placement – Well Assist can guide the ideal placement of well heads by generating a heat map based on factors including the cost metric. The feature can be used to compare the economics of various solutions based on the economics of a series of wells reaching specific targets. 
  • Bespoke data sets – Big data provides a wealth of options to create user-specific modelling based on operational requirements. 

“By leveraging the building blocks of subsea design, specific coordinates, incline and azimuth – with the power of digital twin technology and industry-specific algorithms, Well Assist offers an unprecedented level of capability for field planners and drilling engineers.

“It will revolutionise field planning and well design by providing sophisticated and proven insight at the earliest stages of any subsea project. In a time of tight margins and increased competition, that is an advantage that no operator can afford to ignore.”  – Jostein Lien, Senior Vice President of Products at FutureOn

To find out more about Well Assist or about what FutureOn’s technologies can do for your field development operations and well planning, or for enquiries and partnership opportunities please contact us or book a demo.