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FutureOn demonstrates ground-breaking new FieldTwin innovations at Gastech

Complex problems don’t always have to equate to complex solutions. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a different perspective; for someone to look at the puzzle with a fresh pair of eyes.

It’s a realisation that’s become widely accepted in the energy sector, where sharing and collaboration between multi-disciplinary teams – working across different continents and time zones – is a common requirement in the delivery of major capital projects.

The key enabler in this new approach is technology: the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry has opened the door to collaborative working. Here at FutureOn, we’re pushing on that door and positioning digital cross-team collaboration as a key enabling technology to drive the sector towards net zero.

We’re known in the oil and gas sector for our innovative FieldTwin platform. Major international operators use FieldTwin to create and evolve a digital twin of their offshore upstream projects, which accelerates and derisks project delivery through enhanced data visualisation and decision-making.

As project cost models are increasingly strained by supply challenges and energy security concerns, the energy industry requires innovative tools for rapid scenario analysis and evaluation of new ideas and design updates for risk mitigation.

This also applies to the energy transition which requires an innovative approach to validate and de-risk ground-breaking hybrid energy projects. FieldTwin can now be used for offshore wind project design and can be integrated with subsea systems for offshore electrification, CCUS and hydrogen concepts.

Our latest development on the FieldTwin platform – FieldTwin Collaborate – takes the platform to the next level by enabling real-time sharing and problem solving via rich user interface, all in a single FieldTwin project. This ability to share data effectively puts an end to time consuming, sequential optimisation of design and concept workflows. What we empower is integrated optimisation between parallel teams, using a secure and consistent data model.

Projects are no longer passed back and forth between different teams at different stages in their lifecycle. FieldTwin Collaborate creates a workspace that brings all project stakeholders – operators, project teams, EPCS, and the supply chain – together in in a single digital twin of the project, allowing for open engagement, real-time adaptability and clear accountability.

In addition to FieldTwin Collaborate, we have also introduced a new GIS Rules Engine, which allows automated generation of a FieldTwin project from an existing ArcGIS project. This functionality enables project teams to begin working on concepts and layouts in minimal time, focusing on the new development scenario but with complete context from existing assets and infrastructure. As an example, FieldTwin can support rapid evaluation of future brownfield tiebacks or even offshore electrification studies from both the onshore grid or new offshore wind turbines.

These hybrid capabilities deliver a unique solution for our customers and will be critical as the traditional oil and gas operators cross new energy frontiers and develop hybrid energy projects, from electrified oil and gas assets with CCUS through to offshore wind and onto green hydrogen.

These new innovations enhance FieldTwin as a leading platform for the future offshore energy industry. FieldTwin’s open-API supported interoperability and integrated engineering tools result in a game-changing solution for offshore project design and delivery, and for how project teams work together to optimise field development and mitigate risk.

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. The scale of the climate emergency means that integrated digital solutions are no longer just desirable – they are a necessity if the energy sector is to make a meaningful impact on carbon reduction. And while the industry transitions in response to climate change, FutureOn will continue to deliver the technologies to drive that change.

FutureOn will be attending Gastech in Milan, Italy from September 5 to 8. Visit us in the Norwegian Pavilion – Stand# 15g21a  – to learn more about FieldTwin and demo the recent ground-breaking additions to the platform.