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Crossing Detector

The Crossing Detector module traverses the current project and goes through the field network topology and list out all detected connection crossings in a list with options to directly navigate to each specific crossing in the Viewport for review. As crossings usually are a costly endeavour this will assist the FieldTwin Design user to quickly review all crossings and export the data.

This short video shows the crossing module in the lower half of the screen after it is enabled on the instance and is ready to use. The video also demonstrates the basic functionality.

The user just needs to simply press the Process button the network topology gets traversed, and the results are shown as seen in the image:

CSV Export

You can easily export the data to a CSV file in MS Excel. The easiest is to go to Data and then select the From Text/CSV option. Select the exported file in your Download folder and MS Excel will place the values directly into the right columns, and the result will be as seen on the image.

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