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Answering your FieldTwin questions – with Product Manager, Timothy Atkin

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Curious about FieldTwin? We’re here to help. Hear from Product Manager Timothy Atkin as he answers key questions you may have about our latest version of FieldTwin…

1. How does FieldTwin make my life easier?

There are many benefits to enjoy after adopting FieldTwin. Companies that implement FieldTwin in their operations can experience:

  • Faster design workflows – our existing clients have experienced upwards of 60% of time saved from all stages of their projects.
  • Seamless collaboration with operators, EPC firms (Engineering, Procurement and Construction), contractors and other external parties. This creates an efficient and healthy partnership across projects.
  • User friendly interface, with access from any browser using SSO (single sign-on) and a swift/efficient design process. This enables entire fields to be built within a day.

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2. What are the new features of FieldTwin?

In our latest release for FieldTwin, we’re launching Workflow – an application designed to assist PRO and PRO Design users and their wider teams. Effectively, it is a hub where teams can interact within the tool, saving users time because they don’t need to communicate externally.

Within Workflow users can create and assign tasks to project assets, team members or both. Users can also view the status of a project and share accessed data with team members. 

Discover more about Workflow here

3. Which license model of FieldTwin suits my organisation the most?

We have three types of User licenses available within FieldTwin, each with their own unique abilities and programme access. 

Our PRO Design user license allows for full access to FieldTwin. This license is for those who will be creating and editing fields as they are given full control of FieldTwin. 

A View user license is free and can be used by anyone in your organisation who wishes to view the data and model. Client companies can assign this access to anyone in their organisation, allowing them to see any project that have either been made publicly available or the user has been invited into. Users can log in anywhere in the world to access their projects. 

Lastly, as part of our new FieldTwin release, we have PRO users. This license is a blend of the previous two models. PRO users can jump into FieldTwin and interact with created model through integrations. An example of this is our Microsoft Excel Integration, where data can be used in calculations and simulations. 

4. Can FutureOn's technology integrate with our existing systems, software and hardware?

FutureON is proudly an API-first company. We have a public API which can be accessed for free here. Any software with an API can be integrated into FieldTwin.

Many of our existing integrations can be viewed and purchased on our website. We also have a Github depository that features some examples of our data integrations, as well as some client-created ones too. As our client group grows, we are discovering exciting new ways in which our users are integrating software into FieldTwin. As FutureOn doesn’t require any prior notice or permission to integrate new software, clients can integrate software as and when they like. This can lead to clients discovering issues and fixing them with their own integrations, without even letting us know!

Check out out GitHub page for more information. 

5. What training and up-skilling processes are available to onboard FieldTwin?

New users go through our thorough onboarding process to set up accounts and import existing data to ensure FieldTwin is implemented effectively.

We offer an e-learning training course for new users which provides a basic understanding of what can be achieved with FieldTwin. We highly recommend clients complete the course, which takes around 30 minutes, to ensure they are getting the best out of the platform.

Further training is provided on updates and additional functionality that FutureOn introduces. Training for new users after their initial introductory training, as well as any bespoke or more in-depth training, can be provided for an extra cost. 

6. How fast can we scale our adoption of FieldTwin internally?

Our clients can scale as fast as they can sustain. FieldTwin runs using cloud data storage so that the platform can auto-scale. This enables our clients – of any size – to scale at their own pace. 

Most of our clients adopt FieldTwin with a few users to test the solution and see how it fits. As they begin to assign tasks to new users and involve other staff, departments and associates, the adoption naturally expands. A mixture of word-of-mouth and proof of efficiency induces growth of FieldTwin within and between organisations. 

7. How does FutureOn protect my data?

All data is stored in cloud, protected by the likes of Google, Amazon and Microsoft etc. Our clients can decide which provider they prefer. We offer a stable and secure system, with all data encrypted during storage and transport.

Full details on our data protection policy can be found here

8. Can I use FieldTwin with my collaborators - across companies, partners and contractors?

By using FieldTwin Collaborate, client companies can set up a secure link with external partners to share data and work on live projects together. Information and models can be updated to share data and work on live projects together. Information and models can be updated in real-time for effective and timely collaboration. Clients of FieldTwin Collaborate can set varied access restrictions for different partners for full control of project collaboration. 

A great example of this is when operators wish to share a project with prospective clients for use in a bidding round. Clients can view the specific area of that project and provide details on the work they would undertake with their bid. The submission of design can take place within FieldTwin, meaning there is no need for long drawn-out processes, providing a place for seamless collaboration that saves time for all parties. Once the winning bid has been finalised, full access to the project is granted and work can begin immediately. 

9. How does FutureOn support users with issues and queries?

We have. a dedicated email address to support our client issues and queries. Our team is available 24/7 to reply in a timely manner. We have. apriority process for our client issues, based on the severity of the issue, but rest assured there will always be a FutureOn representative ready to respond within 24 hours.

Within FieldTwin, users can submit tickets with their technical issues which FutureOn will aim to resolv as soon as possible. 

Do you have an issue or query? Get in touch with our support team here

10. How is FieldTwin maintained over time? Are there any ongoing costs?

FutureOn is continuously evolving and improving FieldTwin. We strive to develop the product to improve our client experience and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. 

We update our clients prior to new releases, providing them with an overview of the newest features and improvements before they are available and offering additional training. 

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