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Our technology partners include specialized solutions within Oil & Gas and Energy verticals, as well as ubiquitous technologies driving digitalization of the industry.

Since 1998, BPT engineers have used a unique mix of theoretical and practical experience gained from 200+ offshore projects – combined with the ability to turn this knowledge into “Apps for process simulators” – to provide independent and trusted third-party specialist consultancy and software services to the upstream oil & gas industry.

Billington Process Technology

4Subsea is a leading provider of technology and services that help operators maintain production from subsea oil and gas fields and offshore wind farms. By combining expert engineering competence, practical experience and a digital service, we ensure the integrity of subsea assets all the way from reservoir to deck.


FutureOn is proud to work with Aegex to place our smart digital field solutions directly into the hands of offshore personnel using Aegex’s intrinsically safe tablets. With FieldAP and operational extensions, Aegex’s customers will see more possibilities for their assets and begin to make more forward-thinking choices from every possible vantage point, enabling them to make timely and meaningful decisions through visual data collaboration.
Aegex’s IoT sensor data can be combined with Aegex tablets’ digital form data and fed into FutureOn’s cloud services, for real-time logistics and operational awareness in maritime operations, including ship loading and unloading.

Aegex Technologies

ExproSoft is a software & consultancy company increasing well uptime for oil & gas operators. We deliver solutions that allow the operators to understand the failures and risk of well equipment, and use this knowledge to reduce intervention cost and increase production throughout the wells’ life cycle.


Pro Well Plan provide data-driven well planning, enabling engineers to transfer experiences and explore new opportunities from thousands of wells in minutes, extracting knowledge and choose wells for further analysis. The cloud-based software let the drilling and well experience grow within the company and fluently manage all drilling data sets. Their integration with other companies enables a seamless field development.


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