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FutureOn is an oilfield software and data visualisation company and is focused on how operators are adapting to digitisation in the oilfield.

“FutureOn has been around for over 20 years in Norway and we did a lot of visualisation rendering content for Norwegian companies. Now we have launched an offi ce in Houston and we will be adding an offi ce in London to support our growth efforts,” said Knight.

He added: “Our target now is operators – so Norway’s Equinor is a customer. We also work with ExxonMobil. We are very close with Italy’s Eni and hope to fi nalise something with them in the near future. We also work with the EPC’s. McDermott is a big customer of ours and Subsea 7.”

Knight explained that FutureOn offers a data visualisation plan.

“It is all digital and is focused on the subsea and offshore industry but the way the platform has been developed it can and will be used onshore. As the idea behind the smart asset modelling solution means every single asset is developed, so it is visual (2D/3D) and it can be assigned underlying metadata to make it smart. We then connect data with different types and format fi les that come in from the subsea, reservoir, the well and topside. Then you build out your concept field.”

He added that: “The platform itself can be completely confi gured as it is all cloud based and uses web standards. It is designed to be integrated. The idea is we bring the data in, we visualise it and then we connect it to whatever application a company wants to run the what if’s scenarios and eventually you can build the digital twin of a subsea field.” Knight said that FutureOn was focusing a lot on what it is calling the digital twin of the field.

“The big story we are pushing is the digital twin of the field.

Most of our customers are saying we have to go digital, especially in offshore where you start at the field with all that data and then it all evolves from there. The idea is that our software becomes a living, breathing software tool. Then you start linking it to other systems and it becomes something you use in operations. It represents true information that you actually have within your field. We are also partnering with software companies that are helping us
get software integration software right.” FutureOn is trying to make sure that its platform is as open as possible.

“What people like about our system is that you are not locked into a specifi c system. It is designed as a platform you can confi gure. We are not there yet but we are building out various ways to access the digital field from different user types,” Knight said.