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FIeldAP’s cloud-based collaborative visualization environment will enable Subsea 7 to save time when planning offshore construction projects.

HOUSTON – (Aug. 1, 2018) – FutureOn today announced a multi-license contract for its Field Activity Planner (FieldAP) software with Subsea 7, a leading global contractor providing engineering, construction and services to the offshore energy industry.

“FieldAP brings all the data about the field into one centralized digital environment to help our customers see more about their assets from every vantage point and collaborate meaningfully, which makes it possible for them to make economically prudent planning decisions,” explained Olav Sylthe, Chief Technology Officer of FutureOn. “FieldAP can be used in conjunction with other tools, such as flow assurance simulation software. With Subsea 7’s equipment and construction asset metadata integrated into their FieldAP environment, the contractor can easily test different options to determine the best flow assurance scenario and most cost-effective plans for any project.”

FieldAP, the first true online collaboration tool for the energy industry, provides offshore project managers the ability to visualize, digitize and collaborate on field development, regardless of geographic location. Adopted by some of the world’s largest exploration and development companies and the service companies supporting them, the online tool is capable of accelerating project timelines, especially during the early concept and FEED phases. These time savings can drive considerable cost savings across the life of the project.

“When a customer uses FieldAP, they are able to build up the project’s digital story from the outset, rather than having to rely on data converted from an analog to digital format,” Sylthe said. “They’re starting with digital files, bathymetry files, equipment metadata files, cost data and all the other sets of data that are necessary for planning a construction project. Having all the digital information in one centralized, cloud-based ecosystem removes the guesswork from project planning and operations.”

FutureOn is developing additional industry applications where their collaboration technologies can improve workflow processes and business outcomes.

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About FutureOn Headquartered in Oslo, Norway with a U.S. office in Houston, FutureOn is a digital technology innovator enabling customers to see more possibilities for their assets and begin to make more forward-thinking choices. For more information on FutureOn and its collaborative platform solution FieldAP, visit: and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter