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Advanced Digital and Visualization Technologies for the Renewable and Oil and Gas Industries


FutureOn, a leading supplier of new technologies in oil and gas industry, offers a cloud based digital platform for enabling rapid visual workflows for your offshore engineering work. The platform allows you to easily integrate with other backend systems and offshore engineering software already in use in your organization either for field design, field planning, or activity scheduling to name a few key areas. By using modern web and cloud technologies we are bringing data into plain sight through easy-to-understand and easy-to-use 2D/3D visualization directly in your web browser allowing you to make better decisions.

Virtual Reality

The FutureOn platform is considered to be one of the most advanced technology in oil and gas industry. FutureOn uniquely brings all project data – assets and activities, both subsea and topside – into plain sight through easy-to-understand visualization dashboard. By utilizing modern browser technology such as the WebVR standard you can view your projects directly in immersive 3D VR without any additional processing steps. Interact with the equipment using the controllers. Easily plan ROV operations, inspect Reservoir and well paths etc.


For all our solutions, the FutureOn platform delivers a state of the art collaborative capability that excels in easy to use 2D and 3D asset management of your subsea and topside projects. By using a real-time database, we ensure that you can collaborate on field design, planning, installation and operations with your colleagues around the globe to save both time and money by avoiding multiple revisions of proposed layouts

Machine Learning

The FutureOn oil and gas digital technology platform harnesses and securely stores all related project data used for typical offshore software solutions e.g. survey/bathymetry, reservoir, well paths, cost and activity planning data to name a few. As your project database grows with your planning and experience data machine learning can be applied in the future to identify areas of project planning optimization and translate the gathered data sets into actionable insight for future ROI benefits.

FutureOn Delivers the Best in Digital Oilfield Technology

The FutureOn platform is a digital oilfield and renewable energy technology. Offered as a Cloud-based, digital platform, our solutions enable a global visual workflow for your offshore engineering work. Easily integrated with other backend systems and offshore engineering software already in use within your organization for streamlined field planning, field design, or activity scheduling. The FutureOn platform is built with state-of-the-art software and servers, your data is secure and encrypted in the cloud , while globally accessible to empower your workforce to their greatest potential.By seeing more of your field with our digital oil and gas technology, you have the chance to make more opportunities for your company.