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Take Well Design to
a New Dimension

Oliasoft makes the premier software to help drilling engineers design safe, cost-efficient, and effective oil wells. Their flagship offering, Well Design, breaks new ground by connecting virtually every link in the well planning chain into a single cloud application.


When Well Design is seamlessly integrated
with FutureOn’s FieldTwin, this Software as a
Service (SaaS) becomes Well Assist, the most
powerful tool for conceptualizing well
placements and field layouts with unparalleled
clarity, giving deeper understanding during
the pre-FEED development stages.


Well Assist comprises of:

High-level algorithms – Well Assist has integrated a series of recognised mathematical methodologies that deploy increased levels of intelligent automation to create the optimum well path. The feature is based on documented standards that support and build on directional drilling primitives.

Well-head placement – Well Assist can guide the ideal placement of well heads by generating a heat map based on factors including the cost metric. The feature can be used to compare the economics of various solutions based on the economics of a series of wells reaching specific targets.

Bespoke data sets – Big data provides a wealth of options to create user-specific modelling based on operational requirements.


FieldTwin allows users the ability to build a digital twin of their subsea operation. This powerful platform digitizes data empowers engineers to make better decisions in real time. FieldTwin also increases collaboration between teams and subcontractors, dramatically improving deliverables and lowers costs. Well Assist also improves workflow efficiencies while mitigating risk through visualizing your project components. Integrating Well Assist into FieldTwin…

Creates more efficient well planning
workflows, accelerating development

Helps engineering teams more easily
visualize the subsea operation in a digital
environment, displaying all the subsurface
and mapping data with all the assets and
equipment provides greater clarity.

Enables all stakeholders to collaborate and
fully explore multiple iterations

Ensures the designs meet all safety and
environmental requirements.

Store all required well design calculations in
one cloud-based application, creating a
single source of the truth.

Increase efficiencies with a clean,
easy-to-use, customizable user interface
further increases efficiencies as FieldTwin
allows users to work the way they want.

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Because of the openly collaborative mindset of both Oliasoft and FutureOn, Well Assist integrates seamlessly with FieldTwin, offering an entirely new dimension of visualizing offshore well planning, installation and operating with greater precision to get wells producing faster.

Want to see what Well Assist can do for you?

Please complete this brief inquiry request and we will be happy to show you how FieldTwin and Well Assist will revolutionize the way you work.

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