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What’s new for FutureOn’s dynamic FieldTwin solution?

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The latest update to FutureOn’s industry-leading platform, FieldTwin, is now live. FieldTwin 8.0 now provides users with: 

  • Ease of access to full project history with the ability to go back to anywhere in the project timeline on a specific date and time with a complete audit trail.
  • Brand new architecture making your projects load 7-10 times faster and optimized high performance graphic rendering ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience.
  • Simplistic steps to create new versions of a project with the ability to restore previous versions back at any time.

FieldTwin 8.0 brings these new features to our current and prospective global customer base as they work across multiple teams to deliver complex projects within the energy sector.

Same strong foundation...

FieldTwin has established itself as a critical partner for customers focused on delivering complex offshore projects within the energy sector. It’s a dynamic, easy-to-use design platform providing operators and partners with a visual blueprint for field development. It gives geospatial context of offshore assets by mapping locations, optimising the surrounding seabed and onshore environment.

The intuitive visualisation platform reduces project design time by close to  50%, allowing end-users to efficiently operate in an advanced visual workflow across the entire project lifecycle.

At a time when collaboration is at the forefront of the evolving energy sector, FutureOn’s latest version of FieldTwin puts this first. By updating the underlying engine to store and load data in an effective and sleek way, the platform makes cross-project communication straightforward.

...with collaboration at its core

Retrieving full project information and history is essential when delivering dynamic project designs. The energy industry has had to adapt to enabling remote collaboration across global functions, especially following the increase in home working. This shift has introduced more complex cross-team communication around how a project develops and how to deliver the end goal.

FieldTwin 8.0 offers users access to the full history of a project, giving a greater understanding of its entire evolution. This new feature means any user can come into a project at any stage and access and review every design and decision that has been created, opening up access across the whole project lifecycle.

Energy projects often require fast-paced updates, with software that needs to be ready to meet the demand of evolving project iterations. FieldTwin 8.0 puts speed at the forefront, ensuring data loads 7 – 10x faster than previous models based on data complexity and saves data much quicker. 

The latest in optimisation

Current FieldTwin users will notice improvements in the frontend optimisation of the platform, with updates made to ensure rendering and general performance are of the highest quality and speed.

In previous models, FieldTwin renders were done one by one, however this latest model offers connections generated and rendered as clusters, ensuring the end user can bulk-render items. This enables faster project creation.

Speed is vital when it comes to 3D asset design – a key feature in the FieldTwin platform. The new release allows more detailed models to be rendered faster than the previous FieldTwin models. 8.0 offers good quality rendering with no compromise on long loading times.

Enabling creativity and exploration

Project development results in evolution through iterations and prototypes. FieldTwin 8.0 allows for the creation of branches of projects, not unlike Global Information Tracker (GIT). Working in a similar way to software source control, the current design is always the main branch, however the user can create new branches from the current design to explore new studies and options. This allows for comparisons across multiple branches before the best option is then merged and updated into the main design.

The opportunity to explore and discover new ideas without disturbing the current main design lets teams get creative and explore additional options.

Ready to start your journey?

FieldTwin 8.0 is now live, marking the latest step in revolutionising the way digital twin platforms help integrate energy companies make smarter and faster decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Join our webinar about the new release to learn more and see a live demo!

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