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New name communicates the company’s See More, Make More mission to address an increasing demand for disruptive digital collaboration services and solutions

HOUSTON – (Mar. 13, 2018) – Xvision Software today announced a corporate rebranding and name change to FutureOn, emphasizing its new identity as a digital technology innovator with a mission to disrupt current workflow processes and optimize business outcomes.

“The Xvision Software brand has served us well in Europe, but with our international expansion well underway, we recognized the need to create a new entity to better reflect the next stage of the company’s evolution,” explained Paal Roppen, CEO of FutureOn. “We envision that one day, with the help of FutureOn’s technologies, all of our customers will see more about their assets from every possible vantage point, enabling them to make more timely and meaningful decisions using visual data collaboration across the entire industry ecosystem.“

The rebrand includes a new website at which showcases the company’s strategic direction as a disrupter in the oil and gas industry. It also includes a new logo with the accompanying tagline “See More. Make More.” that reflects FutureOn’s mantra to help customers see more possibilities for their assets and begin to make more forward-thinking choices.

“Many highly specialized industries with complex projects, such as energy, have been under-served in the area of supply-chain collaboration platforms that have long been transforming
other global industries and driving their own and the world’s futures and fortunes,” Roppen continued. “For our part in bringing about the future in the energy sector and beyond, FutureOn and its collaborative platform technology offerings will disrupt existing industries by changing how people work – and how long they remain relevant in their industry. They will see more about the limitations of current past-based work environments, and make more forward-thinking choices that enable them to evolve and stay relevant and competitive.”

Based in Oslo, Norway, FutureOn has built a reputation for developing innovative, efficient and cost-saving technology solutions for the subsea sector of the oil and gas industry by using modern web and cloud technologies to digitize the oilfield.

In 2017, the company launched into the global market with FieldAP, the first true online collaboration tool for the energy industry, providing offshore project managers the ability to visualize, digitize and collaborate on field development, regardless of geographic location. Currently adopted by some of the world’s largest exploration and development companies and the service companies supporting with them, the online tool is capable of accelerating project timelines by up to 80%, especially during the early concept and FEED phases. These time savings can drive cost savings as high as 70% across the life of the project.

“We have discovered through the increasing acceptance of FieldAP, that many oil and gas industry players are quickly growing tired of information technology legacy systems inhibiting operational efficiencies and the desired pace of revenue growth,” Roppen said. “They yearn for disruptive, digital collaboration technologies such as FieldAP that will help them make decisions better, quicker and faster, and firmly establish their position as a lasting leader across the competitive landscape.”

The company is currently planning the development of additional industry applications where their collaboration technologies can improve workflow processes and business outcomes. For more information on FutureON, visit or visit their booth (#306) at Subsea Tieback taking place at the Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention Center March 13-15, 2018 in Galveston, TX.

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Ward, for FutureON
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