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Our unique cloud-based platform – FieldTwin – helps Integrated Energy Companies make smarter and faster decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project.

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FutureOn - Topside to subsurface overview in FieldTwin

Challenges faced by Integrated Energy Companies

Why choose FieldTwin?

FieldTwin is a powerful, easy-to-use design and visualization platform that can quickly and efficiently bring subsea developments to life.

Energy of the future

FieldTwin can be used for any energy project, including offshore windfarms. The offshore wind sector uses a range of solutions, often dependent on spreadsheets or manual import/export processes into GIS tools for wider context and collaboration. 

By applying FieldTwin to these projects, a consistent digital thread is kept alive, helping to reduce planning time and make decision making more efficient through the life of any renewable project.

FutureOn - Illustration of energy of the future - windfarm


FieldTwin is an open platform and FutureOn operates as an API-first company. The open API that FieldTwin offers allows all users to create and build their desired applications and integrations. 

FieldTwin enables data accessibility within your organisation to unlock a larger set of tools and support innovative ways to exploit data. 

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