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Success for FieldTwin in ground-breaking GoEnergize offshore wind innovation programme

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After five exciting months of innovation and collaboration with four start-ups from the offshore wind sector, FutureOn attended the final showcase event for the GoEnergize technology accelerator. It marked the end of our time in this groundbreaking programme, which has sought to validate and mature the development and commercialisation of FieldTwin for the offshore wind market.

GoEnergize, which is sponsored by Greentown Labs, Massachusetts Clean Energy Centre and the Vineyard Wind consortium, enabled us to connect not only with other participants but with leading global offshore wind developers, NGOs, scientists, federal agencies, and other key players seeking partnerships in the United States’ burgeoning offshore wind industry.

The programme, anchored in Boston, Massachusetts, gave our team access to critical knowledge required for the development and management of offshore wind farms in the US market. This knowledge and experience will be invaluable as we mature FieldTwin and scope the nuances of global markets.

Local supply chain, consents and geographic conditions place different requirements on FieldTwin workflows. This presents opportunities for innovation and configuration to interface data and solutions for accelerated and de-risked development of these major energy projects.

The most exciting opportunity from in the programme was being able to work closely with the teams responsible for the design, consenting and delivery of the Vineyard Wind project. We are grateful for the time dedicated to the accelerator by Avangrid Renewables, Vineyard Offshore, Lautec and their partners.

Extended engagement with the Avangrid team was particularly valuable. We are pleased to have the team running a pilot to explore FieldTwin’s interoperability with their already impressive GIS workflows as well as our advanced visualisation and stakeholder engagement capabilities for co-location and consents.

Overall, the GoEnergize programme came at a perfect time for FutureOn as we mature our offering and validate our value proposition for the offshore wind market. The opportunity to do this with the support of US industry leaders such as Avangrid, working on real projects and to continue this collaboration into 2024 has been a crucial step in de-risking our roadmap and go-to-market strategy for offshore wind.

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