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FutureOn brings dynamic FieldTwin solution to the US wind market for Go Energize 2023

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Change is on the horizon for the offshore wind industry in the US. This has been underlined by the US Government recently granting the approval of its third offshore wind farm, and the progress being made to hit its goal of advancing 16 more offshore wind farms by 2025.

The American Clean Power Association revealed a rapidly growing pipeline of projects across 32 leases, totalling 51,377 MW of expected capacity – enough electricity to power the equivalent of more than 20 million homes.

Although the US wind market currently lags behind China and the UK in terms of installed offshore wind capacity, the growing number of projects in development points to significant progress in a sector positioned to play a critical role in a clean energy system.

Greentown Labs, the largest climatetech incubator in North America, and Vineyard Wind, developer of the first utility-scale offshore wind farm in the US, have teamed-up to decarbonise the energy sector through responsibly advancing the domestic offshore wind industry. They have launched Greentown Go Energize 2023 – a programme dedicated to advancing technologies for responsible offshore wind development.

A cohort of five companies will work closely with Vineyard Wind and MassCEC over a six-month period to advance commercialisation efforts while connecting with offshore wind developers, NGOs, scientists and other key players in the industry. The group will also benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities, educational workshops, and partnership-focused programming as well as receiving $70,000 each in stipend funding.

Team spirit

FutureOn is honoured to have been selected as one of five finalist start-ups for the 2023 cohort, all of whom specialise in either offshore turbine monitoring, ecological data collection or digital solutions.

The Go Energize programme will give FutureOn invaluable access to a broad network of innovators and specialists within the offshore wind sector, enriching FieldTwin’s future product innovations, specifically within the US fixed bottom market.

The underlying ambition felt within the current US wind market has opened the doors for rapid growth and expansion of wind farms off both the East and West coasts.  Being part of the GoEnergize programme will give FutureOn’s innovative, tried-and-tested FieldTwin software a platform to play a vital role in achieving those goals on the road to net zero.

Tried and tested solutions

FieldTwin is a dynamic, easy-to-use design platform providing operators and partners with a visual blueprint for field development. It gives geospatial context of offshore assets by mapping locations, optimising the surrounding seabed and onshore environment. 

FutureOn has extensive experience working in partnership with major global oil and gas operators. This widespread knowledge gives FutureOn a unique perspective to share with the cohort, and an opportunity for the incubator companies to collaborate to drive the future development of wind farms not only in the US, but across the globe.

To find out more about FieldTwin in action, click here.

Turning to clean energy

As the energy industry pivots towards clean energy solutions and the road to net zero, it is clear there will be a growing demand for transparency and streamlined approaches to wind farm expansion.  Now more than ever it is important the industry is educated on the fundamental role digital twin software plays in dynamically shaping clean energy projects.

While the sector will benefit from the power of FieldTwin, FutureOn will capitalise on the relationship with the Vineyard Wind project team, gaining even deeper knowledge into the requirements and needs of operators looking to expand wind farms. By gaining access into the digital and data management programmes currently used within the wind space, FutureOn will add to its understanding of the major pain points the industry presently faces – and learn how it can help tackle them.

The opportunity to pilot FieldTwin on a live operating wind farm for the first time has huge potential to unlock critical data that will shape the future development of the cloud-based software.

To date, the biggest challenge in the development of collaborative digital software is resistance to change. Many operators are reluctant to change the status quo of current workflow methods due to in-built historic systems and processes which are keeping their approach fragmented, resulting in costly time waste and data security concerns.

The requirement for rapid acceleration of clean energy is felt globally, and the speed at which we need this change demands streamlined and safe digital procedures.  FutureOn, with the continuing development of FieldTwin, is at the forefront of this change, ready to educate industry leaders on the importance of moving to modern, time saving and dynamic digital twin software.

Through its extensive oil and gas track record, FutureOn is equipped to bring its expertise into the wind and clean energy markets around the globe.

Smart solutions for the digital oilfield of the future.

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