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Available integrations and apps within FieldTwin

Available Options are possible add-ons to your Field License. By having a Standard or Advanced License you can choose from the following options which can be purchased to increase the number of tools and functionality in your projects.

Integrations and apps made by our partners


FieldTwin’s connection to Bently’s iTwin platform enables digital workflows between both platforms, It allows for synchronisation of various data types, such as network topology, 3D surfaces, energy assets, metadata, cost data, documentation, etc.


The FieldTwin to OLGA integration is a powerful new way to quickly read entire flowpaths out of FieldTwin and load them directly into the powerful OLGA simulation engine for comprehensive simulations and analysis.


When Well Design is seamlessly integrated with FieldTwin, this Software as a Service (SaaS) becomes Well Assist, the most powerful tool for conceptualising well placements and field layouts with unparalleled clarity, giving deeper understanding during the pre-FEED development stages.

Integrations and apps made by FutureOn

Pipeline Wall Thickness Estimator

The FieldTwin Wall Thickness module calculates the wall thickness of a rigid (single wall) pipeline/riser/jumper using basic calculations derived from either the API RP 1111 (4th Edition) or DNVGL OS-F101 (2013 Edition) industry guidelines. The wall thickness values provided by the FieldTwin Wall Thickness module only consider the burst and collapse design load cases.

Span Estimator

This Span Estimator module will estimate the spans that might form along a connection installed across an uneven topography. The Span Estimator modules uses structural engineering equations to calculate the vertical deflection of the connection spanning across uneven topography. These deflections are used to create a second elevation profile for the connection.

Crossing detector

The Crossing Detector module traverses the current project and goes through the field network topology and list out all detected connection crossings in a list with options to directly navigate to each specific crossing in the Viewport for review. As crossings usually are a costly endeavour this will assist the FieldTwin user to quickly review all crossings and also export the data.

Excel Integration

The FieldTwin Excel Integration tool allows the generation of a cost report for any project based on a predefined Excel spreadsheet and configuration file. The Excel spreadsheet is automatically populated from FieldTwin based on asset and connection properties, metadata and quantities. User defined parameters created in FieldTwin can also be used to populate the Excel sheet. This means that the autogenerated cost report will fit your company standards every time, containing the data that you need.

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