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SLB's OLGA* and FieldTwin available as a fully integrated solution

The SLB OLGA* Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator is considered the industry-standard tool for transient multiphase flow analysis.

The OLGA* Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator is considered the industry-standard tool for transient multiphase flow analysis.

Successful production system design and operations requires a detailed understanding of multiphase flow behaviour. Flow modelling and simulation provides invaluable insights into expected flow behaviour through both transient and steady-state scenarios, considering the physics of the flow throughout the production systems, from reservoir pore to process facility.

The FieldTwin Design to OLGA* integration is a powerful new way to quickly read concept production “flow paths” out of FieldTwin and load them directly into the powerful OLGA* simulation engine for comprehensive simulations and analysis.

A flow path is the connection between two or more field objects (staged assets or wells). A typical flow path might consist of all the oil production lines between a well and a topside vessel.

The analysis in OLGA* is specifically focused on the well bores and the connections in the flow path that consist of flow lines and pipelines. Your version of OLGA* must support the Import from Cloud function. Contact your Schlumberger representative or visit to learn more.

The OLGA* to FieldTwin integration can be setup in three simple steps:

Metadata Definitions

Metadata Definitions

OLGA* requires values for pipe roughness and internal diameter. These should be set up as metadata fields by an administrator in FieldTwin (a one-off procedure) and the values need to be entered for each of the wells and flowlines in the FieldTwin project.
Direction Arrows
Step 1
Link Assets to Wells

Link Assets to Wells

FieldTwin allows connections to be linked to a well indirectly via an interfacing asset such as a template or a Christmas tree. For a well to appear in a flow path, it must be linked with its corresponding asset.
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Step 2
Define routes through assets

Define routes through assets

Define routes through asset – The last step requires the modelling of the internal routing in FieldTwin so that the flow path can follow it correctly. Each asset can have multiple entry and exit points so once the specific asset is identified all the exit and entry points are labelled.
Step 3

OLGA* and FieldTwin

FieldTwin allows users the ability to build a digital twin of their subsea operation. This powerful platform digitises data empowering engineers to make better decisions in real time. FieldTwin also increases collaboration between teams and subcontractors, dramatically improving deliverables and lowering costs. The enhanced collaboration of the OLGA* integration takes subsea flow path analysis to a new level of user interoperability and is necessary for all serious subsea field developers.


Because of the openly collaborative mindset of both SLB and FutureOn, the OLGA* Integration works seamlessly with FieldTwin, offering an entirely new dimension of visualizing offshore pipeline engineering and flow assurance analysis.

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