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Pipeline Span Estimator

This Span Estimator module will estimate the spans that might form along a connection installed across an uneven topography. The Span Estimator module uses simple structural engineering equations to calculate the vertical deflection of the connection spanning across uneven topography. These deflections are used to create a second elevation profile for the connection.

The module will display...

The new 2D connection profile alongside either the seabed bathymetry profile or a topographic profile. The User can also elect to have this modified Span Estimator connection profile replace the original connection profile created in the 3D view of the project.

Before the simple structural engineering equations can be deployed on a potential span, the Span Estimator must conduct a search for the potential Span Shoulders along the connection route. The Span Search does a very rapid evaluation of the topography using a very approximate stiffness model for the connection. The default Shoulder Search Stiffness should be adequate for most steel pipeline connections and those with smaller physical EI values.

Export Profile

You can export the span estimation results. Simply by pressing the Export Profile as XYZ button to export the selected profile at any time to an ASCII text file with x,y,z coordinates. This file can then be saved locally.

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