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The FieldTwin Platform

Our unique cloud-based platform – FieldTwin – helps Integrated Energy Companies make smarter and faster decisions throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Why choose our platform?

FieldTwin is a powerful, easy-to-use design and visualization platform that can quickly and efficiently bring subsea developments to life.



Reduced Subsea Field Layout Design Time


Reduced Pre-FEED Reporting Time


Reduced Pipeline Routing Design Time

FieldTwin Collaborate

FieldTwin Collaborate Optimised Image

More collaboration. Better results.

FieldTwin Collaborate unlocks the ability for companies, operators and EPCs to work together alongside the industry’s most advanced visual workflows. The platform allows open communication and higher levels of engagement throughout the entire design process, helping engineering teams solve complex challenges in a cost-effective and timely way.  All data shared between collaborators is securely housed on the respective owner’s databases, fully encrypted at REST and while in transit.

Share what you want...

Subsea operations are vast and complex. FieldTwin Collaborate allows users to share critical data, including bathymetry, well specifications, pipeline information, any topside assets, and other metadata crucial to the success of the project. Sensitive data is handled with the utmost care. All data shared between collaborators is securely housed on the respective owner’s databases, fully encrypted at REST and while in transit. 

Subsea to topside
ROV lights in FieldTwin

With whom you want...

With just a few clicks, FieldTwin users can share projects with fellow collaborators from energy companies, operator partners or EPCs who can contribute within the digital twin environment. Assembling a team is as easy as sending an email invitation. Collaborators can be brought into the project as and when their expertise is needed. Depending on their role in the design process, users are only allowed to see specified data points as they are assigned. All data shared between collaborators is securely housed on the respective owner’s databases, fully encrypted at REST and while in transit.

How you want.

Levels of control are assigned to users to keep sensitive information safe and secure. At first, simple ‘view-only’ privileges might be assigned to allow users to check on progress of the project, but as the design matures, roles can be changed to allow the team deeper levels of participation and collaboration. Complete control and visibility are possible for maximum collaboration.

Benefits of collaboration

Digital Project Sharing
  • Share – Easily share projects with other FieldTwin users
  • Accuracy – Select specific, reliable project data to share with external parties
  • Integrity – All data added to the joint data model is securely stored
  • Access – Invite users from across the supply chain to access shared projects
  • Control – Easily control data access for external parties by assigning specific user roles
  • Extended workflows – Internal projects can be used as view-only backdrops in shared projects, creating new workflow possibilities where if you change key data in one project, it updates all stakeholders
Data Security & Control
  • All data is fully encrypted at REST and in transit
  • Granular control of data types and visibility of the shared data
  • Granular user roles control who can view, edit, delete and update and data type
  • To find out more visit our online documentation

FieldTwin Workflow

Enhance task management

Workflow is a task management application within FieldTwin. Project tasks can be assigned to users through the task dashboard.

How it works...

  • When a task is created, the user who is assigned to the task will receive both an email notification with a link to the task and an in-app notification visible on the top right of the FieldTwin window,
  • In the dashboard view, the user will be able to see the status of a task which can be stored into columns based on this status. The task can also hold additional, supplementary information.
  • To jump to an asset relating to a task in the viewport, a button will be available to shortcut to the viewport location. 
  • Once completed or re-assigned, the task status can be set to finish.
A Screenshot of Workflow inside FieldTwin

FieldTwin Wind

How does FieldTwin support offshore wind?

Operators can design offshore wind farms and integrated hybrid energy systems, in collaboration with partners and stakeholders, all within FieldTwin’s intuitive interface.
By leveraging the core FieldTwin platform, collaborative architecture and open API, FieldTwin Wind transforms the design and delivery phases of offshore renewable energy projects.

How it works...

FieldTwin supports the integrated optimisation of offshore wind farm projects by:

  • Providing geospatial context for Environmental Impact Assessment reports and consenting workflows
  • Enabling work across domains – surface, subsea and subsurface unified in a dynamic common data environment and editable 3D digital twin
  • Annual Energy Production including wake analysis from leading industry tools via API
  • Offering customizable asset libraries for wind, offshore electrification, and hydrogen
  • Providing Microsoft Excel links for cost and LCOE analysis
  • Enabling 3D layout editing with dynamic feedback for CAPEX, AEP and project economics
Wind with mooring lines in the FieldTwin application

And specifically for the integrated design of floating systems, FieldTwin provides:

  • Auto generation of mooring lines and anchors relative to foundation type and bathymetry
  • Customisable spacing, line length and anchor sharing
  • Subsea cabling and sub-stations
  • Third-party connectors to dynamic loading simulators for design validation

In 2023, FutureOn integrated FieldTwin with Danish Technical University (DTU) software to support integrated wind resource estimation, wake analysis and layout optimisation powered by leading third party solutions:

This integration enhances the built-in workflows in FieldTwin and also validates the use of the open-API to connect with any API-enabled third-party solutions for wind resources, project economics, logistics and GIS workflows. More information can be found here.
FieldTwin is starting to drive a step-change in collaborative project development for offshore renewable energy.

FieldTwin Reporting

A view of an open Baltic sea on a clear day, Estonia

Coming soon...

Set to launch Q3 2024, FieldTwin’s Report solution will enable you to create, analyse, and visualise data in a format ready to share with customers, partners or collaborators. 

How will it work?

  • With the ability to customise reports on a project level, you will be able to show your data within FieldTwin or export it to your favourite solution.
  • Our technical team will provide you with a set of generic reports to make your life even easier.
  • Once you are in the FieldTwin Report solution, you will be able to simply select the datatypes and attributes or properties that will take your reporting game to the next level, and watch the corresponding columns magically appear in the Report View.

Ultimately, FieldTwin Report will help you become more efficient with your report generation and speed up your daily workflow.

Two assets (Navion Saga FSU and Fattigmann FPSO) displayed in the FieldTwin application

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